Our firm's residential division caters to executive rentals and sales, beachfront luxury properties, country/mountainside and resort properties, prime residential condos and single family homes within the greater San Juan metropolitan and outlying areas. In addition to our exclusive listing portfolio, PUERTO RICO PROPERTIES 101 offers residential buyer and tenant representation services and works in liaison with other real estate professionals in our industry so our clients can choose among all available properties. Our residential services include property search, location assessment, comparative market analysis, broker price opinions, price and contract negotiations, as well as financing and closing assistance.


In association with Alonso-Mulet Commercial, PUERTO RICO PROPERTIES 101 has a commercial division that offers landlord/owner and tenant/buyer representation brokerage services. The firm specializes in office leasing and sales and is the exclusive landlord/owner representative for a number of prime commercial office buildings within the metro area. Top local and multinational firms have used the tenant/buyer representation services of Alonso-Mulet Commercial in finding the commercial space they need. Our commercial services include:

  • Strategic and comparative market analysis for user / investor decisions. We provide our clients with the information and tools required to make informed decisions and minimize risk.
  • Seller/Landlord representation services. We will define the target market, design and implement a marketing plan, prepare lease or sale proposals and apply our negotiation skills to assist in the lease or sale transaction.
  • Buyer/Tenant representation services including acquisition / lease research, comparable analysis and property surveys. Price and contract negotiations.


About our Listing Agreements

As Listing Agent, PUERTO RICO PROPERTIES 101 represents landlords and owners under exclusive listing contracts only.

Contrary to what some may think, clients are better off represented by an exclusive broker/agent. While “Open" listing agreements allow owners/landlords to work with as many brokers as they want, with an Exclusive listing there is one listing agent exclusively representing the owner/landlord. Other brokers who want to offer/show the listed property will work in a cooperative agreement with the exclusive listing broker.

Exclusive listing agents place much more effort and time into leasing or selling a property since they are guaranteed a share of the commission if they succeed. Marketing a property not only requires great skill, but most importantly a motivated broker willing to invest his or her time in getting the job done. Furthermore, having one person in charge and coordinating the marketing and appointments is a much more efficient and effective sales technique. It allows for selective advertising and avoids duplicity and complications occurring when a property is offered to the same client by more then one broker.

All in all, a broker with an exclusive listing agreement is much more likely to succeed.

Tenant / Buyer Representation Services

If you are looking to purchase or rent a property, hiring one broker to do the search for you is the best way to identify prospective properties. As your Tenant or Buyer Representative, at PUERTO RICO PROPERTIES 101, you will be our top priority. We will research the market and "do the shopping" for you while looking out for your best interests.

Your agent representative is required to disclose, negotiate and work on your behalf. The agent's commission typically comes from the Seller so there is no cost to the Buyer. Successful broker/agents have strong networking relationships with other professionals in the industry. A Buyer working exclusively with one agent will be taken seriously by all.