Give Puerto Rico a chance and you will fall in love!

As a business destination, Puerto Rico is considered world class. It has a modern infrastructure and a highly skilled and bilingual work force. Wages are still lower than mainland US and tax benefits such as Act 20 - 22 make doing business here very attractive. Puerto Rico has a strong and stable legal system bound by federal laws with federal court presence on the Island.

The moment to invest in Puerto Rico is now. There are great opportunities to be found.

As a place to live, Puerto Rico is what most people only dream about. The rich multicultural society is known for its hospitality and warmth. Over 270 miles of beautiful coastline, some of the most amazing beaches in the world, lush rainforests, bioluminescent bays, an impressive mountain range that runs from east to west, historical Spanish forts...and a climate that makes it a comfortable breezy summer most of the time!


Whether you want to live close to work, to your children's school or to the beach, Puerto Rico has a great selection of residential neighborhoods, condos and resort properties to choose from.


Condado, Ocean Park and Isla Verde are the locations of choice for many expats. There is a wide selection of condominiums to choose from although few single family detached homes. Restaurants, pubs, hotels and shops are plenty and walking distance from most buildings. Two of the best English speaking schools are located side to side on Condado's main artery, Ashford Avenue.


If you have the budget, Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful resorts to live in. Dorado Beach Resort, a Ritz Carlton Reserve property is one of the most sought out locations. Bahia Beach and Rio Mar in the Rio Grande area and Palmas del Mar in Humacao are also very popular. All have amazing beaches and amenities, world class golf courses, tennis, beach clubs and a wide assortment of residential properties to choose from.


Some of the most beautiful houses on the Island are located in the upscale neighborhoods of Guaynabo or San Juan: Garden Hills, Villa Caparra, San Patricio, Tintillo Hills, Torrimar, San Francisco, Santa MarĂ­a, Montehiedra, Los Paseos and so many more. If you are looking for a nice yard or prefer to live within a gated community with amenities such as tennis courts, park, clubhouse and pool, there is a wide selection of very nice neighborhoods to choose from.


Just a few minutes from the metro area, you will start enjoying the Island's beautiful landscapes. A modern and efficient road system makes outlying neighborhoods and towns easily reachable and great alternatives for a home base.

Caguas is one of Puerto Rico[s largest municipalities and is located in the outskirts of San Juan. It has a wide range of real estate options catered to every budget. Private schools, shopping centers, hospitals and cultural centers are among the things that make Caguas attractive to its residents.

If you are looking for an amazing view of both the ocean and the mountains all in one spot, Aguas Buenas make for the perfect location. Snuggled beween Guaynabo, San Juan and Caguas this small town of rolling hills offers stunning views and has some of the most beautiful homes in Puerto Rico .

Move to Puerto Rico and you can have a second home within the rainforest reserve, a chalet within the mountain range or a beach villa on one of the Island's sleepy but fun coastal towns!


If you are relocating to the Island and have school age children, deciding on a school will be an important consideration when choosing where to live. Although some public schools are noteworthy, the best education is to be found in the private school system. Puerto Rico private schools have one of the highest acceptance rates at both top rated and Ivy League colleges and universities on the mainland as well as in Europe. There are excellent English speaking and bilingual schools throughout the Island. Most are coed and located close to the best residential neighborhoods. Our firm can assist you in identifying which schools may be of interest and providing the right contacts.

  • Condado: St. Johns School / Robinson School
  • Guaynabo/San Juan Area: Baldwin School / Commonwealth-Parkville School
  • Dorado: Tasis School / Dorado Academy
  • Humacao: Palmas Academy
  • Caguas: Caguas Private School